Precis som det låter är det här en klass för män som är stela men vill bli mer rörliga. Med utvalda övningar arbetar vi med styrka, balans, rörlighet och ökad medvetenhet om muskler och leder - och inte minst mental styrka. Övingarna är enkla men utmanar på rätt nivå. Inga förkunskaper krävs, alla är välkomna!

In English

Welcome to Djursholm Yoga!

Djursholm Yoga is normally the small and cozy yoga studio right on the central square in Djursholm, but due to the corona pandemic we are now instead using a secluded terrace with soft artificial grass in Stocksund as our shala. On the fall schedule we are offering four weekly outdoor classes out of which one is in English: Friday mornings 09.00. Contact us for more information.

Do you want to try a class?

The easiest way to get started is to email and get everything set up for you, and all your questions answered directly. You can also fill out the form on the Home page and get 2 weeks of unlimited classes for SEK 500.

To see which classes we offer, please go to the Bookings page. The weekly timetable can be found above the classes calendar. To learn more about our class styles, please see below.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha är kanske den mest kända formen av yoga. Positionerna hålls ofta lite mer statiskt och lite längre än i exempelvis Vinyasa Yoga, men klasserna kan också vara mer flödande. Den fysiska delen kombineras med andning och meditation för att uppnå balans mellan kropp och sinne.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa är en dynamisk och fritt flödande yogaform där varje klass är unik. Vinyasa betyder att synkronisera andning och rörelse, och därför är vägen mellan positionerna lika viktig som positionerna i sig. Klasserna kan vara mjuka eller mer utmanande, och avslutas alltid med meditation eller avslappning.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga är en form av Vinyasa Yoga, men i Ashtanga är sekvensen av rörelser alltid densamma. Det kan kanske verka enformigt, men genom att upprepningen tillåter oss att hela tiden upptäcka nya saker i varje position blir det oftast inte så. Ashtanga är en mer fysiskt krävande yogaform, så viss erfarenhet av yoga kan vara bra.

Ayurvedisk Yoga

I denna yogastil kombineras Kundalini Yoga med hälsoläran ayurveda. Själva yogan är mjukare än många andra stilar och övningarna varierar från gång till gång. Mycket fokus ligger på att skapa inre balans genom minskad stress, ökad energi och mental styrka. Mantran, avslappning och meditation är viktiga delar.

Yoga för stela män
Yin-Yang Yoga

Yin-Yang Yoga is a combination of active Hatha Yoga and still Yin Yoga with relaxing Yoga Nidra at the end. For some of us it is easier to relax if we first do some physical movement, and then Yin-Yang Yoga can be a good method. No previous experience is needed.

Senior/Chair Yoga

This class is for those who wish to reap the benefits from yoga, but find it difficult to get down to or up from the floor. Using chairs, bolsters, pillows and blocks the movements are tailored to fit the participants needs and wishes. No previous experience is needed.

Yoga For Stiff Men

Just as it sounds, this is a class for men who are stiff but want to become more flexible. Through carefully selected sequences of poses we work on improving strength, balance, flexibility and body awareness - and last but not least mental strength. The Precis som det låter är det här en klass för män som är stela men vill bli mer rörliga. The poses are basic but challenging on the right level. No previous experience is needed, everyone is welcome!

Soft Hatha/Hatha Meditation

Hatha is perhaps the most known yoga style, and the basis for the other physical yoga styles. In Hatha we often stay in the poses a bit longer than in for example Vinyasa Yoga, so that you as a participant have time to feel how and where your body works and relaxes. Every class is unique, so you are constantly presented with new challenges. No previous experience is needed. Hatha Meditation has a longer meditation part and is taught in English.

Yoga for Youths

Yoga for Youths is a soft Hatha class where movement and breath in combination work to improve strength, flexibility, balance and concentration. The class is aimed at 13-15-year olds, and the teacher will challenge every participant on their level - if they want to be challenged. No previous experience is needed.

Soft Vinyasa/Vinyasa Strong Flow/75 min

Vinyasa is a dynamic and flowing yoga style and every class is unique. Vinyasa means synchronization of breath and movement, and therefore the way from one pose to another is as important as the poses themselves. In Vinyasa Strong Flow the pace is higher and the poses more advanced than in Soft Vinyasa, so some previous experience is recommended.

Kids' Dance 5-7 years and 8-10 years

Our dance classes are about feeling freedom, joy and presence in mind and body while at the same time getting to know both yourself and the others in the group. The dance is centered around the joy of movement and genre free, but introduces the foundations of the established forms in ballet, jazz and modern dance. The lessons are theme based, so it is OK not to participate every time. No previous experience is needed.

Ashtanga/Ashtanga 90 minutes

Ashtanga is a kind of Vinyasa Yoga, but in Ashtanga the sequence of poses is always the same. This may seem monotonous, but since the repetition allows us to discover new things about the poses all the time it does not turn out that way. Ashtanga is a physically demanding class, so some yoga experience is recommended - especially for the 90 minute format, which features more advanced poses.

Ayurvedic Yoga

In this class, physical yoga is combined with the ancient health practise ayurveda. The yoga itself is softer than many other styles, and the poses vary from time to time. A lot of emphasis is placed on creating inner balance through alleviating stress, increasing energy and mental strength. Relaxation and meditation are important elements.

Yin Yoga

Yin is a calm and quiet class where we stay and relax for a long time in selected poses, enabling ourselves to wind down mentally and give muscles and fascia a deep stretch. All the poses are performed seated or lying. No previous experience is required.

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